The OpenProcessLab Weimar launches a new website

The OpenProcessLab is an experimental space for students to conduct experimental work in the field of 3D-printing, electronics, CAD and related topics. The new lab website will serve as a platform for knowledge exchange, case study presentations and announcements surrounding the activities in the lab.



We’re at the TEI 2016 conference

We’re currently presenting project results and research findings at the TEI 2016 conference in Eindhoven, NL. Below is a list of our contributions and some pictures from the conference:

UPDATE 17.2.2016 – Eric Geißler’s project SenSole just won the Jury Award of the Student Design Challenge at TEI 2016. Congratulations Eric!
UPDATE 23.2.2016

Pneumatibles (Full paper + Demo):
Kristian Gohlke, Eva Hornecker, and Wolfgang Sattler. 2016. Pneumatibles – Exploring Soft Robotic Actuators for the Design of User Interfaces with Pneumotactile Feedback. Tenth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction. TEI 2016. (pdf).

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InflatiBits – A Modular Soft Robotic Construction Kit for Children

“InflatiBits is a modular construction kit that enables playful exploration of pneumatically actuated kinematic systems. The kit contains different building blocks based on soft robotics principles such as soft inflatable air-chambers, constraining elements, air-connectors, pressure sources, and sensor modules. The elements can be combined and actuated manually or through an optional Arduino-based control board. The board contains a motorized air-pump, solenoid valves and allows for connecting the sensor module to achieve more complex behaviors and motion patterns. The InflatiBits modules and connectors are compatible with standard Lego parts, enabling children to integrate them into existing playing environments.”

Christopher Kopic
Project D.O.T.T. – Day of the Tentacle
Supervised by Kristian Gohlke, M.Sc. Digital Media and Prof. Wolfgang Sattler
Bauhaus-Universität Weimar / Summersemester 2015

CNN reports on product-design graduation project at the London Design Festival 2015

After Weimar, Cologne, Frankfurt, Berlin, Shanghai, our Product-Desig alumnus Xinyu Weng recently presented his newly founded design studio yuue at the London Design Festival 2015.

CNN reports from London:

“Young design duo Yuue’s offerings were the most representative of a new conceptual approach to design that seems to be emerging. Their lamps were functional but also thought-provoking and humorous. What more could one want from the stuff that surrounds us?”

Check out their project website to learn more about the work and get in touch with yuee. The works were developed as part of Xinyu’s graduation project advised by Professor Wolfgang Sattler and Kristian Gohlke at the Bauhaus-University Weimar.

Xinyu Weng - Good Medicine Tastes BitterIf you want to support a young and emerging berlin based design duo, you can pre-order Balance and the thought provoking Time Killer directly from them.

Glasworkshop im CIAV Meisenthal 2015

Vom 3. bis 7. August 2015 fand am CIAV-Meisenthal der zweite Glasworkshop in Kooperation mit der HBK-Saar / Atelier Brandolini statt.
Das Thema in diesem Jahr  Gegensätze:

Studentische TeilnehmerInnen (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar):
Larissa Knufmann
Freya Probst
Felicia Schneeweis
Larissa Simeon

Betreung & Organisation:
Meike Langer, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Christine Schösser, HBK-Saar
Prof. Mark Braun, HBK-Saar

Wir bedanken uns herzlich bei der HBK-Saar, dem CIAV und allen TeilnehmerInnen.