Talk: David Brüll – Bottom Up Coded Cultures

David Brüll is interaction and media system designer working across disciplines in digital realms, shifting the concepts of human machine interaction, software technologies, art, space and experiences. Together with his partners at NSYNK // Gesellschaft für Kunst und Technik he develops new narratives and new ways of storytelling by utilizing state of the art technology. Their work ranges from interactive environments and site-specific media installations to mixed reality stage designs. He is responsible for the conceptual, creative and technical planning of their international projects for clients such as Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen or Viessmann and for events such as the IAA or World Expo.

As a user and software-developer of the multipurpose software toolkit vvvv, he is member of a growing community of creative software designers. Starting from this perspective, he founded and formed the Frankfurt based media arts festival NODE Forum for Digital Arts over the last 8 years to support an innovative and responsible movement within the digital media scene by encouraging new collaborations, interdisciplinary interchange and open knowledge sharing. David teaches experience design and interactive media design courses at universities and festivals. In his lecture, he will give insights into NODEs bottom up grown culture, spiked with some projects and learnings from the work with vvvv.

“Can we learn from software design patterns and take them as principles to tackle the challenges of our complex world?

What is the role of code, technological infrastructures, artificial intelligence and anonymous content managers in the mediation of ideas for a better future?

We are the inventors, makers and performers that shape the dreams and aspirations of our generation.

Who is designing hope?”

(The talk will be given in german!)

David Brüll
Bottom Up Coded Cultures

Tuesday, January 24th 2017 / 19:00
Raum 116 / van de Velde Werkstatt
Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 7
99423 Weimar

This talk is part of the Bauhausinteraction Colloquium.