Talk: Elizabeth Buie – Techno-Spiritual Design for Transcendent User Experiences 11. Nov. 2019

“How can design facilitate self-transcendent experiences — experiences of connection with something greater than oneself? Self-transcendence is associated with subjective well-being and life transformation, yet is being largely ignored by well-being technology. Elizabeth has explored what transcendent experiences are and how people experience them, how people use technology to support the experiences, and how techno-spiritual design can enhance that support and even the experiences themselves. Her work provides a grounded theory of transcendent user experience (TUX) — technology-facilitated experiences of connection with something greater than oneself — and an approach to designing for TUX that combines a design game with new forms of design fiction. She’s excited about the possibilities for applying her research to practice.”

Elizabeth Buie is a researcher and UX consultant based in the UK, having returned to UX practice after doing a PhD at Northumbria University’s
School of Design. Before beginning her PhD, in over three decades in US industry, Elizabeth contributed to the UX of systems and products ranging from websites to social media applications to kiosks to air-traffic control systems, and systems for NASA spacecraft controllers. Her research methods range from qualitative content analysis to approaches
such as design games and design fiction. She has been active in bridging between academia and Usability Practice since the beginning of the HCI
research community and is co-editor of Usability in Government Systems.

Elizabeth Buie – Techno Spiritual Design for Transcendent User Experiences
Sigma Consulting Solutions, Cambridge, UK

Monday, November 11th 2019 / 19:00
Raum 116 / van de Velde Werkstatt
Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 7
99423 Weimar

This talk is part of the Bauhausinteraction Colloquium.