Good Medicine Tastes Bitter – A Graduation Project by Xinyu Weng

“Good medicine tastes bitter.” said Confucius.

Although its taste is not so pleasant, at least it cures the disease.
What’s more, it keeps us awake.

Do products always have to satisfy the users? How can products that purposely made not so useful affect our perception and understanding of it? How can designers deliver ideas through products? In this project, I try to create a series of products that are not so useful but have good intentioned messages inside, as to explore the purpose and future of product design.

Xinyu Weng
Good Medicine Tastes Bitter
Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Bachelor Thesis
Product Design / Interaction Design / Speculative Design
Summer 2014
Supervised by Prof. Wolfgang Sattler and Kristian Gohlke

Good Medicine Tastes Bitter

More pictures after the break or on the project website.

Update: Wired article about the project.

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Our TinkerBots are growing up…

Beyond several rounds of seed funding, the successful aqcuisition of venture capital and a growing number of employees and patents, our alumi from the product-design programme are also doing a great job at getting crowdfunding for the first production run of TinkerBots.

Six days before the end their campain has reached 265% of the requested funding and is still running strong. As of now, this sums up to 260,000+ $. Congratulations!

Be among the first to get a set of TinkerBots!

This is the story behind the project:

The crowdfunding campaign has finished and raised a total of 290,505 $ Thanks to everyone who supported the project!

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