The bauhausinteraction colloquium enters its third round, new speakers confirmed

After two semesters of guest lectures on human-centered design, HCI and interaction design we are glad to announce the third round of the bauhausinteraction colloquium. Check out the link below to see the updated list of speakers for summer 2015:

Here are some impressions from the previous talks:

Go/Igo 囲碁 MASCHINE – Making music tangible with a Go-board

What do you get when you combine an ancient board game with electronic music production? A lot of fun!

As part of our ongoing series of informal experiments in tangible music, Kristian Gohlke from the bauhausinteraction group teamed up with Michael Hlatky from Native Instruments and went to Tokyo and to build a tangible musical instrument that uses a Go-board (Japanese: 囲碁 / “Igo”) and some computer vision as a user interface.

Here is a quick video:

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