Talk: Georg Trogemann 12. Mai 2014

Georg Trogemann / Academy of Media Arts Cologne
Lines, Ropes, and Noodles

Prof. Dr. Georg Trogemann is the leader of lab3 at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. After working as a carpenter he studied Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Erlangen. Before encountering Media Arts he did theoretical research in the field of supercomputing and finished a dissertation on performance evaluation of massively parallel algorithms. Since 1994 he is full professor for Experimental Informatics at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and author of the book CodeArt (2005). His current research interests include theories of artifacts, culture & technology, and the entanglement of code and material.

“Traditionally materiality has no place in the theory of computation. Only since computing became an indispensable element in all industrial processes and through the advent of new research fields like nanotechnology or synthetic biology the materiality of computation comes into view. Simple examples and materials are used to present some general reflections about the connection between human thinking, computation, and material processes.”

Talk: Monday, May 12th 2014 / 19:00
Oberlichtsaal / Hauptgebäude
Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 8

This talk is part of the Bauhausinteraction Colloquium.