MidiHack 2014 – LegoTechno

We presented a step sequencer made in less than 24 hours from Lego bricks, some code and NI Maschine at the MidiHack 2014 together with the guys from Native Instruments.

A quick video of the presentation at the Spotify HQ in Stockholm:

..and another one (starts at 31:05):

OpenCV and Python process a webcam video to recognize Lego blocks through a translucent Lego base plate. This is sent via OSC to a second computer running a sequencer that sends out MIDI into Native Instruments MASCHINE. Does step sequencing, filter on an XY pad, fader for beat delay and a rotary for even more reverb.

The awesome Team:
Tobias Baumbach / Native Instruments
Kristian Gohlke / Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Bram de Jong / Native Instruments
Michael Hlatky / Native Instruments

Lego Techno / Made at MidiHack 2014 Stockholm, Sweden.

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LegoTechno ConstructionThe great grandparents of Maschine waiting to be hacked ;-)

LegoTechno at MidiHack

First tests

More infos and technical details to be released soon…