Making Circuit Boards (with Household Items)

To make your own circuit boards with things that you might mostly have at home already, follow the instructions in any of the videos below.

The process demonstrated in each of the videos below is similar:

1. Produce a circuit drawing (manually or using software).
2. Transfer the circuit drawing to the copper plated side of a blank circuit board, thereby masking the areas of the copper that will be part of your circuit.
3. Dissolve any unwanted copper (using an etching agent) that is not covered by the traces from your circuit drawing (nail polish, toner, etc..) .

The household (nail polish) version:

The Make (UV-light) version:

The kid’s (toner transfer) version:

All of these methods can be used to achieve satisfactory results.

For creating and ordering professionally produced printed circuit boards (PCBs) start here:

For a full featured and powerful solution use the open source electronics design automation suite KiCad. It is available for all major operating systems and tutorials are available to get you started quickly.

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